Pastor Ray Hansley

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I was born again in a independent Church Of GOD. The pastor was a very powerful man of God, which aloud me to see the Lord moving. I became hungry for the Lord to work in and though my life. I began to pray for people any time I had the chance  began to see people getting healed.

January 13,1991, the call came late that Sunday afternoon preach my word excited and fearful, the Lord spoke a lot that afternoon at church that night the pastor spoke to me the same words the Lord had said wow. Had little ability to read, the Lord said follow me, and that's what I have been doing following the Lord all these years.

Evangelizing in many places in the USA, in other nations Africa, South and Central America, Seeing people saved, healed and delivered I have pastored 3 churches doing my third now, doing tent revivals now. As the Lord has said be faithful.
What a mighty God we serve.

show info: Set Free With Pastor Ray Hansley.
Tuesday at 3pm EST

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