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Kevin Gallagher

"Kevin Gallagher, was born in April 1964, in Anaheim, California.

Kevin is a seasoned broadcaster with 28 years of experience in the industry. He is recognized for his significant contributions as the founder of the Truth Be Told Radio Network in April 2018 and the White Stones Streaming Network in June 2023.

Beyond his role as a broadcaster, Kevin is a versatile creative, delving into writing and documentary film making. Notably, he produced and hosted the viral documentary "Society Secrets," featuring the senior policy advisor to the Dept. of Education, Charlotte Iserbyt during President Ronald Reagan's 1st term, which has garnered millions of views online.

In addition to his media endeavors, Kevin is a published poet, political activist, and co-founder of a political party. His diverse background includes attending Bible college in Scotland, UK, in 1990, further enriching his perspective.

Throughout his career, Kevin has welcomed a plethora of notable guests to his radio and TV shows, including luminaries such as G. Edward Griffin, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Devvy Kidd, Dave von Kleist, Mike Rivero, Lindsey Williams, Jack Blood, Pastor Butch Paugh and Bob Chapman. His shows have also featured esteemed musicians like jazz guitarist Joe Beck, Wynton Marsalis saxophonist Wes Anderson, Tommy James, Caspar McCloud and former Duran Duran guitarist Warren Cuccurullo."

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