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Throughout history, man has tolerated unspeakable atrocities and gross injustice because of fear. Fear is of the destroyer and brings with it a snare, bondage and destruction. Only after conquering fear through faith can we please our Creator and once again enjoy His blessings.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is overcoming a fear through faith -- faith that the principles you believe in are more important to uphold than the loss of all things, including your life. This type of faith causes a person to realize that there are issues that are so righteous, so sacred, that no price is too high to pay to uphold them. And that eternal principles, standards, and rights bequeathed to us by our Sovereign Creator are not to be surrendered or compromised for any reason.

All things in creation have installed in them a strong desire to live, to exist in a peaceful and prosperous society, to multiply their own kind, and to continue existence through offspring. These desires inherent to all creation are eternal rights. They cannot be surrendered or compromised unless done so against the will of the Creator.  To do so is a damnable transgression against the One to whom we must all answer.

The decision, friends, is left to us. Whether we stand together in agreement to fight for righteousness, or if need be, to stand alone, stand we must.

Show: Call To Decision

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