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Pastor Bill Jenkins is the founder and Senior Pastor of Destinyland Christian Center in Rancho Cucamonga Ca. He is a television and radio host, award-winning author, and is rapidly becoming known as an Apostle of God with a prophetic voice. He works to release a message of hope in our world, with uncompromising spiritual fervor.

Pastor Bill takes on the toughest passages of scripture and explains them in a practical and interesting way. He is the “go-to guy” when it comes to understanding Biblical numbers and their spiritual significance. A devoted husband and father, his passion are for others to become successful as they apply the principles of Christ.

He married his beautiful wife Britain in 1998, and they have 3 sons Bryce Brock and Brady. Pastor Bill enjoys spending time with his family and firmly believes that to be a leader of any kind you first must be a good leader and a Godly man in your home.

Show: Prophetic Almanac

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