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Glory Towns is prophetess of God. She was called since birth to be "His Glory for His Glory" She has preached all over the world as a missionary. When she lived in Kenya as a missionary, she hosted Reinhard Bonnke for a crusade besides doing many crusades of her own.  

She is also a retired Registered Nurse where God has used her to bring patients to Christ on their sick and/or dying beds.  She received her Kenyan Nursing license to be legal to set up medical clinics in Kenya where she helped the poor and sick thereby bringing many to Christ.

Glory is married to Robert Towns and has 5 adult children and 4 grandchildren, of which she is very proud. Her husband and youngest son, Bryan, are very active in ministry with her today.

They've also done 15 years of marriage ministry together - helping other married couples with their marriages.

​Glory was born again in 1979 and Baptized in Holy Spirit in 1983. She has the heart of Jesus to bring in the lost. She is an author and preacher of God's Bible Truth. Today she is the president and founder of Blessing and Glory Worldwide Ministries, Inc. where she has pioneered Blessing and Glory churches in Kenya, Pakistan, and India. She has done this through live preaching online on her Ministry Group page of Blessing and Glory on Facebook. 

​Through her travels, Glory has also been to China to smuggle Bibles across the boarder, and the Philippines to do Operation Mercy, which was hairlip surgery with a native doctor while preaching the Word to her patients and their families. She has been to Mexico, and of course the US to preach God's Word, also. 

In America, she has been used by God to be the first executive director of a pro-life crisis pregnancy center. Here she encouraged those who were pregnant to consider the option of adoption. She also counseled girls with post-abortion syndrome to get right with Jesus and to be forgiven by Him. 

​Her education includes an ordained pastor from Bible College of Faith Ministries, She studied end times with the Berean Bible College of the Assemblies of God. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1988. She went on to graduate school for counseling at the university and graduated as a Counselor from the Biblical Counseling Institute in Wisconsin. 

​Today she is hosting her own Truth Be Told Network Radio Network show called "Blessing and Glory-Harvest Time". It airs on Wednesdays at 3PM EST.

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